Modesto Massage

Bio: Massage Therapist/Caretaker by Day Belly Dancer by Night! Over 16 years of experience with pre and post sports athletes, lymphatic drainage, prenatal and post-natal massage, pregnancy & labor coach, geriatric and post stroke massage, infant massage and even pet massage. Reiki master and have studied nutritional healing and other forms of Energy healing such as Barbara Brennan's Light Emerging and Donna Eden's Energy materials. I have dabbled with qigong and the healing codes of Dr. Alexander Lloyd, but I am not certified in either of these practices for certification requires monetary investment which raises my prices. I have accompanied moms in labor and observed one live birth in addition to my own c-section and VBAC births. I have helped animals who are ailing in moving around better during their last days as well as helping my cat rapidly recover and not need surgery after an accident he was in. Dogs and cats have been drawn to me my entire life knowing that healing energy before I was aware of it...heheh I am adept at visualizing energy blockages either in person or over the phone. Also do distance healing.

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